Keller in DeVry: when education can help self-development


The Keller Graduate School of Management is an institution part of DeVry University. It’s a private college in Illinois, founded in 1931. Keller is the branch that focuses on management and business, specifically targeting graduate students.

In 2019, DeVry counted 4,032 graduates and some of them surely chose Keller.

DeVry and Keller, historical information

Herman A. DeVry established the college in 1931 and he first called it the De Forest Training School. It was based in Chicago, Illinois, instead of the current location in Naperville.

The Keller Graduate School of Management was born four decades later, in 1973. Two DeVry teachers founded it, namely Dennis Keller and Ronald Taylor. They asked for a loan to their family and friends. With the $150,000 collected, they started Keller.

In the beginning, the school was meant to host a day school that gave out certificates. So, it had nothing to do with graduate studies. Instead, it offered MBAs and evening programs.

During the next decade, both institutions became pillars of education and they expanded, even to Brazil. Until Cogswell Education acquired both in 2018.

The local buzz from Keller and DeVry

Yahoo Finance has announced a new and interesting partnership. It’s between the university of Illinois and Huddle House, the food franchise.

“Huddle House hopes to empower team members at its 400 locations to enroll in a wide variety of programs at the university to help them continue their professional growth,” the website reports.

It’s an enviable program aimed at the restaurant staff. Workers who always dreamed of pursuing education, they now can do it. And without having to quit their job. Many of the available programs will go through Keller Graduate School of Management. The staff can learn accounting, pursue a degree in business, and develop new career skills.

“We are proud to help Huddle House’s team members expand their knowledge and gain new insights that they can apply to their job and their careers,” DeVry wrote in a statement, “Huddle team members will be supported by our faculty and advisors at every step of the way through their student journey.”

Will more institutions follow this positive lead?